Frequently Asked Questions

What is home automation?

Many people think Home Automation is finding ways to control your home such as using remote controls, integrated control systems, voice control like Alexa or Google Home, but it's more than that. Automation is about what your home does without you pushing a button or asking Alexa. It's about what it does automatically:
• It's 11pm. I'm closing the garage door
• No one is home and the water has been running for 2 hours. The irrigation is off. I'm turning off the water and sending you a message
• The fireplace is on but everyone is in bed. I'm turning off the fireplace

What will I be able to control with home automation?

Pretty much everything in your home that can be considered a device. This can include TVs, home theaters, Your HVAC equipment/thermostats, hot water heaters, lights, door locks, gates, garage doors, window shades, cameras, doorbells. The list goes on.

What is the typical turn time for a custom home theater?

It typically takes between 1 and 2 weeks to install a theater once the equipment is ordered and the room is built. The room is very important as acoustics impact everything you do in there.

Why would I want a custom home theater?

There is nothing like the experience of living a movie in your own home. It is ethereal, immersing, escapist. All on a screen bigger than any TV you've ever seen, surrounded by the sounds and feelings the director wanted you to hear and feel. It's like no other experience.

What are the benefits of a surveillance system?

First, cameras are a deterrent to anyone invading your home. They know they will be seen. 2nd, they are a convenience, allowing you to keep an eye on the kids, answer the door when you're upstairs or even out town. 3rd, they allow you to follow up on an incident or help out a neighbor if there is a problem across the street. Ring provides ways for neighborhoods to cooperate in staying safe.

Is installing a surveillance system worth it?

Is it worth it to you? Is staying safe worth it? Is helping neighbors worth it? Is keeping an eye on your home where you are away worth it? Only you can decide that.

What does outdoor entertainment include?

Anything you can do indoors, you can do outdoors, we can bring your music outside. We can watch movies. We can play music in your pool. We can create a complete theater or duplicate concert hall sound. What do you want to do?

What sets you apart from the competition?

We are experts at what we do. We have been doing it since 2004 and have experience and dedication. We stay educated. We do quality work because shoddy work doesn't make you friends or save you time. We price fairly because everyone should be able to fulfill their dream. We treat everyone like family. What makes us different? We're better.

Do you install speakers outdoors?

Yes. From inexpensive ones that deliver pleasant sound to really high end ones that will carry you off to another place.

Are you able to mount TVs inside and outside?

Absolutely. Outdoor TVs are more expensive because they are weather resistant but they are much more affordable than they used to be.